Introduction to The Waiting Room

JuliAnne shares about her latest project, The Waiting Room, which is a video series designed women with cancer and cancer patients.  Click on the video to the left to take a look.

chiropractic care & cancer

Is chiropractic care safe for women with cancer?

This interview with Dr. Courtney Carmack explores this and other questions on how chiropractors can help cancer patients during cancer treatment, and even alleviate some side effects of chemotherapy.

More on chiropractic care for women with cancer

Breast Cancer & Chiropractic Care 

In this video, Dr. Carmack and JuliAnne demonstrate the various methods that can be used to make chiropractic care gentle enough for breast cancer patients going through cancer treatment or for those women that have recently undergone a mastectomy or lumpectomy.

Other videos coming soon

Interview with a Mastectomy Patient

Hear how Michelle turned her cancer experience into a resource for other patients in Colorado.

Essential Oils for Breast Cancer

What essential oils can help you through your cancer treatment to soothe your physical ailments? Young Living enthusiast Veronica will share.

Essential Oils to aid Emotional Health

Life coach & essential oil specialist Melissa will educate on essentials oils that specifically help you through difficult emotions.