My Work in the World


It all started with a big mid-life crisis, this journey of becoming who I am in this second phase of my life. Now, I'm so blessed to  be doing what I truly love....writing, speaking, inspiring and consulting with individuals and companies from around the world. This is the story of Me.

My Best-Selling Books


I've been blessed to author three best-selling books since 2012: a memoir about my tumultuous rise to the top of my corporate career (Dream Job) and two how-to-move-to-Panama for future English-speaking expats. Buy or order my books anywhere books are sold.

My Journey into Cancer

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In 2016, I was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer; by early 2018, it had progressed to metastatic stage four. I almost died...twice. But God chose to save my life which changed everything for me. I now work with other women traversing that deepest of valleys, cancer.