Cancer from JuliAnne Murphy's perspective

The journey born from my deepest, darkest moments...

I always dreamed I would be an inspirational speaker; however, I had no idea how I would get there. But when you put your desire out there, believe you me it will be delivered, some way, some how. That was the case for me.

What I have found is that the source of my greatest pain has sprung a desire to share with women traversing the same road: cancer and cancer treatment.

In 2016, I was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer. By early 2018, it had spread to my lungs in twelve places and my doctors told me my case was terminal. I was then, they told me, "stage four metastatic". Entering treatment, I came to death's door...not once, but twice. I literally was not supposed to leave that hospital bed. But by the grace of God, I did and in the dark months that followed, I was delivered again: with a second chance at life. To the astonishment of all my doctors, I was declared cancer-free in November 2018.

With that freeing news, I knew that part of the reason I had been given another chance was so that I could share my story with other women going through the same horrors. And perhaps to give them hope, because I am a walking miracle. Miracles do happen! 

In mid-2019, my husband and I began a new collaboration with a good friend to launch a new retreat center in Midcoast Maine. A good portion of that effort was focused on providing a safe and sacred space for women with cancer. That effort had gotten off the ground with a bang when we received devastating news: my latest scans showed a recurrence of disease.

As of late 2019, I have returned to my home state of Arkansas for surgery and several months of recuperation.

Through the pain of these experiences, I have found my life's purpose: to work with women who are struggling with their biggest battle in fighting cancer.. With this second "chapter" of living with cancer myself, I am now reformulating my original vision for hosting retreats for women with cancer at a physical location into an online program which will launch in Q1 2020.

I invite you to follow along as I explore my own second chapter with cancer. You can do that through my blog or add yourself to my email list, if you would like to stay tuned on this new online program for women with cancer.

I wish you the best on your life's journey, whether our road intertwine or not. Every single day is a gift.

Living with Cancer: Chapter Two

Chapter Two of my personal journey living with cancer has taken precedence over the launch of my retreats for women with cancer in late 2019. But I am working on a new online program for women with cancer, which I hope to launch in Q1 2020. Sign up here to be included in the preview list for that news.

I invite you to join me...

Stay tuned for the latest news @ my new program for women with cancer that will launch in Q1 2020.